How You Can Help Yourself and Others by Enrolling in a Clinical Trial

Get Involved Clinical Research

Your clinical research journey at MOORE Clinical Research Have you considered participating in a clinical trial, but feel skeptical about the clinical process? Let us explain the clinical research journey from start to finish to put you more at ease in understanding how it helps the community, yourself and future generations. Clinical trials are research […]

What is ROSACEA?

Rosacea Moore Clinical Research

Rosacea affects an estimated 16 million Americans. You are not alone, Rosacea is a relatively common, chronic skin disorder and often times people that have it, don’t realize what they have is actually Rosacea. If you have Rosacea, chances are high that you have a family member who has it too. It usually occurs in […]

Oh no! Not another one!

Acne Clinical Research at Moore Clinical Research Tampa Bay Florida

By Michael Bland, CCRP “Oh no! Not another one! I thought I got rid of them for good this time!” How many times have you caught yourself saying this in the mirror? Just when you thought you got rid of those pesky pimples, they pop up at the most inconvenient time. Just before an interview […]

Welcome George Monlux Jr, MD

George Monlux, MD

We’d like to introduce the newest MD to join the MCR team, Dr. George Monlux Jr. We are very excited to have Dr. Monlux joining our medical team and look forward to our patients and sponsors meeting him and working with him on studies in our Brandon and Temple terrace clinics. Dr. Monlux is Board […]