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TrueBlue Clinical Research is a multi-specialty research clinic founded in 2006 with three clinic locations in the greater Tampa Bay area. We offer a broad range of clinical trial services and solutions for patients and sponsors alike. Through knowledge and experience, our team strives to create a positive clinical experience for you, our patients, so that you can play a more active role in your own healthcare, gain access to new treatments and assist us in helping others by contributing to clinical research.

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A look at what TrueBlue is able to accomplish with the help of our doctors and participants.
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Benefits of participating in a clinical study.

People participate in research studies for many different reasons and are vital to the advancement of medicine and moving science forward. Be a part of something special as a clinical trial volunteer participant and have access to the these benefits.

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Study related medical care at no cost & access to potential new treatments


No health insurance is needed


Compensation for time and travel provided after each visit via reloadable debit card.


Contribute to treatment advances in medical research.

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