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How You Can Help Yourself and Others by Enrolling in a Clinical Trial

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Your clinical research journey at MOORE Clinical Research

Have you considered participating in a clinical trial, but feel skeptical about the clinical process? Let us explain the clinical research journey from start to finish to put you more at ease in understanding how it helps the community, yourself and future generations.

Clinical trials are research studies that depend on people to volunteer to participate. These studies help medical professionals explore the causes of a health condition and test for possible treatments. The majority of the clinical trials at MOORE Clinical Research work toward determining the effectiveness and potential side effects of the medication to improve future medications.

Your Clinical Research Journey

Pre-screening Phase

A member from our enrollment team will explain to you over the phone the basics of the clinical trial and ask questions to see if you meet the qualifications of the trial, every trial has its own unique set of qualifications. You will be added to our database and an appointment for a Screening Visit will be scheduled. You will be asked to bring proof of identity and a list of current medications to your appointment.

Informed Consent

The main purpose of an Informed Consent is to provide you with a summary of the clinical trial, the purpose of the study, your rights as a participant, treatment procedures, study schedule, potential risks and benefits, and alternative treatments. If you decide to participate in the study you will fill out this form at your Screening Visit and receive a copy of this form to take home.

Screening Visit/Visit 1

During this visit you will see one of our Physicians or Nurse Practitioners, they will go over your medical history, take your vital signs and review the study details with you. Depending on the study, you may have labs and other procedures performed. This visit is generally about 1 – 1.5 hours, depending on the study and procedures performed.


If you qualify, you will be enrolled into the clinical trial and receive study medication, a paper or electronic diary to document your study progress and other required materials. A Clinical Research Assistant will walk you through the treatment schedule, how to apply, when to use the study medication, how to document any side effects and schedule your next appointment. If the study is a compensated clinical trial, you will receive a RealTime Pay card, where you will receive compensation for time and travel after every completed visit.

Follow- Up Visits

These visits may be days or weeks apart, depending on the trial. It is very important for you to stick to your study schedule or you risk not being able to continue participating in the study. You will need to bring your completed study diary and medication to every visit. These visits range from 30 mins to a few hours depending on study. You’ll see one our Physicians, Nurses or
Clinical Research Coordinators where labs may be taken and study medication and diary will be reviewed. You will be called or sent a text to remind you of your next appointment and to confirm you will be coming in. It’s important to keep your scheduled appointment, rescheduling outside of your study window can jeopardize your ability to continue in the study and your study compensation.

End of Study

You must attend your last visit to return your diary and medication in order to receive your final stipend payment. If you have attended all your study visits within the study window and returned all study medication, you will receive a BONUS! Typically, after 30 days you will be able to screen for another study with us. You can also refer new friends and family to us, if they qualify you have an opportunity to receive a referral fee. You can refer as many people as you’d like, however, they must be a NEW patient and must qualify for a study.

We hope this helps you to better understand how you can participate in a clinical trial and we hope to see you soon at Moore Clinical Research.

For more information, give us a call at 813-948-7550 or look us up online at to see our enrolling clinical trials.