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Clinical Trial Myths vs Facts

There are many misconceptions out there when it comes to clinical trials. It’s important that you know the facts and not rely on false information, we’ve outlined some of the most common below.

MYTH: Clinical trials are unnecessary

FACT:  If you have ever used any kind of medication or treatment, you have a clinical trial to thank.  Clinical trials are needed to determine new ways of using existing medications and treatments. They are required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before any medication can be used by the general public.  MCR has completed over 125 clinical trials since 2006.

MYTH: If I join a clinical trial, I might get a placebo.

FACT: Many clinical trials involve a placebo which does not contain the investigational drug but does not cause harm or good. Placebos are generally used so researchers can better assess the overall effect of the investigational medication. You will be made aware prior to consenting to participate if placebos will be used in your particular clinical trial.

MYTH: Once I decide to participate in a clinical trial, I will not be able to change my mind.

FACT:  Clinical trials rely on voluntary participation. You’re free to leave a clinical trial at any   time. 

MYTH: I may have to pay to be in a clinical trial.

FACT:  You will never have to pay to participate in one of our clinical trials and you do not need insurance. In fact, you will be monetarily compensated to participate in our clinical trials.  At MCR we strive to pay for participation on the same day as your appointment, if your appointment is after 5:00 pm payment will be issued no later than the following day.

MYTH: My doctor will tell me about clinical trials in my area.

FACT: Your doctor may not know about all available clinical trials that might benefit you. You can keep yourself aware of our clinical trials by following us on social media, checking our website periodically or giving us a call, we’d be happy to go over all enrolling studies with you.

MYTH: Am I eligible for a clinical trial?

FACT: All clinical trials have specific participation guidelines. For example, you may be eligible for one acne clinical trial, but not another because the qualifications needed to participate in each trial are different.  Speaking with our staff and developing a relationship with one of our physicians or nurse practitioner is an excellent way to stay informed on eligibility.

MYTH: Clinical trials are dangerous.

FACT:  Clinical trials are designed for research purposes, and as a result, there may be some level of risk. However, investigational medications are given to clinical trial participants only after the medications have gone through a rigorous screening and pre-clinical testing process. In addition, keeping you safe when you volunteer to participate in a clinical trial is a top priority for everyone involved in the trial. Clinical trials are carefully designed and monitored to ensure the safety of patient volunteers.